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Welcome to Dashro -
Marketing & Business Development

Dashro Marketing & Business
Development is managed by Mr. Shlomo
Rosenberg, who also founded it in 1994.
Mr. Rosenberg has a B.Sc. in Chemical
Engineering from the Technion (Haifa,
Israel, 1986), and an MBA with
specialization in marketing from Bar-Ilan
University's Graduate School of Business
Administration (Ramat-Gan, Israel,
1991). He has diversified,
interdisciplinary experience in R&D,
products development and marketing, as
well as extensive experience in business
consulting and international trade.

שלמה רוזנברג
Mr. Shlomo Rosenberg

Dashro's main activities

Counseling & mentoring
Dashro offers counseling and mentoring in various interrelated business
management and marketing fields:
 Business and marketing plans;
 Market analysis;
 Branding and Positioning

 Building and assimilation of different management tools;
 Financing business activities and ventures;
 Building and using customer information databases;
 Locating customers, suppliers and products;
 Developing creative marketing tools including presentations, 
  catalogs, websites, and more.
International trade
Dashro provides international trade services, as an agent and distributor of industrial supplies and raw materials, medical devices and consumer products.
Among the companies we represent are leading international manufacturers and suppliers such as MSI, Axelent, Biopol, Si-MAT, IceMOS, JD-Photo, MDI-Schott and more.
Dashro carries out business related mediation, authorized by the Israeli Court
System Administration.

The information given here is basic and for introduction purposes only.
For more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact
us by e-mail, phone or fax, and we will do our best to reply as soon as possible and provide our most efficient, professional services in order to meet your needs.